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Quarried Aggregates
(Supplied in Dolomite, Limestone, Whinstone, Sandstone)
Crusher Run - 150,75,40 or 20mm Down
Blinding Material
6F5 Capping Layer SHW 600
6F5 Blast Furnace Slag
Granular Sub-Base Material Type 1 SHW 803
Granular Sub-Base Material Type 1 & 2 Blast Furnace Slag
Clean Graded - 150 - 75mm or 75 - 40mm
Filter Media 40mm or 50mm Clean
Pipe Bedding, 20mm Clean SHW 503
Pipe Bedding, 14mm Clean SHW 503
Pipe Bedding, 10mm Clean SHW 503
Gravel 20 - 5mm or 10mm

Yellow Building Sand to BS1200
Washed Concreting Sand
Cable Sand or Fill Sand

Top Soil as Dug
Top Soil Screened

Recycled Material Products
Recycled 75mm Crusher Run
Recycled 6F5
Recycled Type 1 Sub-base
Recycled 75-40mm Clean
Road Planings

Supplied and delivered loose by the tonne, in a full 20Tonne load or alternatively it can be collected in dumpy bags.

Aggregate Tax £2.00 / tonne included in price from 1 April 2009 (where applicable).

All prices + VAT Legal title of all goods supplied is retained by Teward Recycling Ltd until paid for in full.

If the material you require is not listed above please contact us.

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