How much space do I need to place a skip at home?

Our smallest skip, the 2 yard skip is perfect for many domestic projects and will comfortably fit on most home driveways. If you need a bigger skip or will be putting the skip somewhere other than a typical home driveway then you can make use of the measurements we provide for all of our skips to ensure you have the required space, either on your property, or on the road outside your house.

It’s important that you not only have the space to place the skip but also that you can easily access it to use, and that our drivers are able to get to that location. Our delivery trucks require a reasonable amount of space so ensure the area the skip is going to be placed is clear of any obstructing items.

We suggest ensuring there is approximately two car lengths of space to safely deliver and collect the skip.

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Can I put a skip in my Garden?

Yes, our skips can be placed in your garden to collect your green waste providing there is sufficient access for our delivery vehicle. Please note, our

How long can I keep a skip for?

Our skip hire period is 7-days as standard. When you’ve filled the skip with your waste, simply let us know it’s ready to collect and we’ll arrange a collection for you.